Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tragedy tragedy that changed the history of the World

1. Vietcong guerrillas (1968)

When General Nguyen Ngoc Loan, South Vietnam police chief began to pull the trigger towards a Vietcong guerrilla commander, the Associated Press photographer Eddie Adams began pressing the camera shutter button. Eddie Adams won the highest journalism, the Pulitzer, via this photograph taken. But more than that, this picture changed American public opinion against the Vietnam War, sparked anti-war movement and inspired the birth of the flower generation in the U.S. at that time. For the general, this picture makes icons of cruelty and ridicule and rejection is always accompanied wherever she went to the end.

2.Jenderal Soedirman (1948)

Photo above I found in 2001, and I'm having trouble remembering the source. General Sudirman was the first and youngest Indonesian owned, one of the greatest role model and a born nation. People are known to be very firm hold on this principle is also very tough. In a very weak because his lungs lived next door, he led a guerrilla during the 7 months of military aggression to-2, moved from forest to forest with and without treatment in stretcher at all. Only the morale of the troops and the resignation she who kept him steady. Spirit and determination Sudirman struggle continues to be driving at the time. And this picture should continue to be a reminder of "the world Indonesia" will be so many good values, principles and determination to begin fade everywhere.

3.Wanting A Meal (1993)

Kevin Carter went to Sudan with the intention to take a photo of rebellion occurred. But when he got there, it was famine victims who interest him. The street he found a hungry little girl struggled weakly crawled toward the center of distribution of food, stopped in the middle of roads and collect energy. Amid the incident, a dead bird came and waited for the boy. Carter-perpetuating any event. The photograph was first published newspaper New York Times, and a strong reaction appeared to criticize Carter did not help this little girl. Carter argued that she had the vultures away after taking photos, but does not help the boy because the convention photographers should not intervene in the conflict (?). Carter rained controversy continues, although he received the Pulitzer Prize for this work. In 1994, Carter was found accidentally killed himself with a CO gas flow of exhaust into the room. He left a note that the contents of regret and sorrow for not helping the boy, into debt due to frustration and sadness for her best friend was shot. This photo will always remind humanitarian tragedies in Africa and the tragedy in the world of photography itself, the two are inseparable.

4. Normandy (1944)

Robert Capa has a very well-known standard, "If the picture is not good, it means you're not close enough." Before the era of Capa, photo journalism was not so appreciated. Robert Capa as a marker importance of photographic journalism who became very influential in many major world events. Capa's work is best known for a series of photos of Normandy landings, where he participated in the airborne entourage landed at Omaha Beach, France during World War 2. Caught in a hail of bullets and grenades of the Allies - Germany, and for a few hours earlier had taken 106 pictures from camera-lens Comtax short 50mm film and 6 rolls invansi to capture the early fall of Adolf Hitler was. Mistakes made by cleaning staff makes all the picture film is blurred, but the standard are then followed by the rest Capa photojournalist until this moment: capturing events from a distance as close as possible. Other Capa's work you can see here.

5.Lynching (1930)

10,000 whites during desperate tantrums and vagrancy two young black man from jail, and punish them by hanging without a judge's decision. Both these young men accused of raping a white girl, the events occurred in Marion, Indiana, where the court is often mass occurs when the accused perpetrator is black. Images like this mass trial was often made into a postcard to show white supremacy. Face of the hanged corpse contrast proportional shown to the satisfaction of citizens, a monument to cruelty and barbarian attitude ... (there are no photos combustion pickpockets in Jakarta is not?)

6.Earthrise (1968)

This photograph is a photograph of the planet was first taken from space. Many people call this photo the most influential environmental've ever taken. Taken on Christmas Eve in 1968, the Apollo 8 crew, William Anders. These photos will remind many people of human existence and the fragility of the planet than the small universe.

7. 1989 Tragedi Tiananmen

Approximately 3000 student demonstrations in Beijing turned into a mass demosntrasi millions of Chinese people, asking for government reform that is not fair. During the 7 weeks, the people and armies facing each other and mock each other. When the communist party began to mobilize the tanks to disperse, a student desperate line of tanks blocking rate, stood at attention in front, holding the bag. A hero is born. The second hero was born, as tank driver refused to order commanders to crush the students and chose to walk around it. This incident did not end pretty for the massacre finally happened in Tiananmen Square. But since then the Chinese people began to realize, there's always hope for the unity between the army and the people.

8.Foto Man With X-rays First (1896)

We experiment with cathode ray tubes are added barium platinosianida, X-ray surprised to find that the photos proved the effect of different luminescence. Realizing the power generated yag ray tube, X-ray photograph of his wife (note the circular ring kimpoi) and makes X-ray photographs of the first. Before that, doctors could never see the inside of the human body except dissected. Rontgen himself obtained the Nobel physics prize in 1901.

9.Loch Ness (1934)

Lochness monster legends in Scotland actually been blowing since the 1st century, but not before the image above printed and circulated, this false story spread all over the world. This photo was responsible for dozens of years of speculation, billions of dollars of money from the pockets of tourists who come from all over the world and the underwater exploration of expensive and exhausting. All because of this false picture. Christian Spurling, Marmaduke Wetherell, and Ian fake monster assembling toys and wooden submarines and mengambangkannya above the lake, then photographed with the camera. Recognition of their 60 years later (1994) ended speculation about the true story of the Loch Ness monster. This photograph was probably the first engineering images in the world, other than statements that pointed back "the camera never lies ... is people who lie ..."


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